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Application Performance Monitoring

Next-Gen Application Performance Monitoring for Today’s Digital Business:

A cohesive application performance monitoring (APM) strategy that focuses on customers’ digital experience, business transactions, application dependencies and infrastructure performance is key to achieving application performance success.

eG Enterprise is an end-to-end APM solution that delivers converged application and infrastructure monitoring capabilities allowing you to:

  • Optimize digital user experience
  • Deliver superior application performance
  • Ensure fast and continuous production rollouts
  • Improve business productivity and IT operational efficiency

"When an application is slow, you’ll need to discover the following: why is it slow, since when, and what is causing slowness. This is where monitoring techniques come into play."

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Full Stack Application Performance Monitoring:

eG Enterprise is an end-to-end performance management solution that allows enterprises to detect, diagnose, and resolve application performance issues before end-users are affected.

Aligned with Gartner’s functional dimensions of APM, eG Enterprise:

  • Delivers deep performance visibility from application code to bare metal – across cloud, virtualized, containerized, physical, and hybrid IT infrastructures.
  • Ensures proactive detection and resolution of application slowdowns using built-in artificial intelligence, machine learning and root cause analysis.
  • Provides a unified console to monitor user experience, application and infrastructure performance, reduce disagreements and blame among application owners, IT Ops, DevOps, and developers.

"Over 73% of organizations experience loss of productivity due to performance slowdown in the application"

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Various Aspects of Application Performance Monitoring:

  • Digital User Experience Monitoring.
  • Transaction Profiling.
  • Application Code-level Diagnostics.
  • Application Deep Dive Analysis.

Application Performance Monitoring Tools:

  • Java
  • Dot Net

Java Performance Monitoring:

Application slowdowns are revenue-impacting and can be complex to understand and solve.

Many interdependent factors affect application performance and thereby the user experience (and your business): Issues at the user end, in the application code, in the database, in external services, and across the underlying infrastructure.

Monitoring the Java application stack end to end is the key to ensuring peak application performance and user satisfaction.

JPM Challenges:

  • Java infrastructures are multi-tiered: Interdependencies between tiers make problem diagnosis a challenge. When a user complains of slowness, which tier is the cause of the problem: Web, Java, application code, database?
  • Java applications are virtualized: Applications are being deployed on virtual machines (VMs), containers, as microservices, or in the cloud. Resource contention among these components can lead to application slowdowns.
  • Java application frameworks are many and varied: Performance issues can arise from several server-side and client-side processing frameworks that are being used to accelerate application development.

Proactive Performance Monitoring of .NET Applications:

eG Enterprise is a full stack application performance monitoring (APM) solution that delivers deep visibility into the performance of .NET applications – from code to SQL statements, CLR to IIS, and the supporting infrastructure (Active Directory, network, virtualization, storage, databases and cloud).

  • Measure the digital experience of users in real time.
  • Analyze critical business transactions and diagnose slowdowns.
  • Get .NET method-level visibility to fix application code issues.
  • Understand application dependencies with underlying infrastructure.
  • Auto-correlate alerts & isolate the root cause of performance problems.

Benefits of APM

  • Be the first to know when the user experience of web applications is affected, when, where, and how.
  • Enhance application uptime, and be proactively alerted to performance deviations.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by ensuring rich user experience for web applications.
  • Increase ROI and productivity by ensuring peak performance of applications on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Accelerate troubleshooting of issues, using deep diagnostics and actionable insights.
  • Provide metrics, analysis and reports for a broad range of stakeholders: Management, business owners, IT operations, architects, developers, and helpdesk.

APM Features:

Tarus includes real user monitoring (RUM) to agentless monitor how users interact with websites and web applications in real time:

  • Identify times when user experience is poor.
  • Detect specific web URLs and web pages that are slow.
  • Identify the geographical locations that are affected.
  • Diagnose slow transactions and find out if it is due to the client browser, network connectivity, content or server-side processing.
  • Visually map the entire Java and .NET application run-time architecture and inter-dependencies across all tiers.
  • Monitor availability, response time and errors for each transaction, hop-by-hop, across multi-tiered application servers.
  • In a single click, drill down to identify application code-level issue, slow database queries and remote web service calls.
  • Automatically discover the entire application environment and supporting infrastructure.
  • Visualize the application topology and all dependencies to physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.
  • Auto-correlate application performance data with other infrastructure tiers to accurately pinpoint the root cause.
  • With a single click, eG Enterprise enables administrators to drill down into any application or infrastructure tier to monitor availability, health, performance and usage.
  • Through intuitive dashboards, performance metrics are visually mapped to a hierarchical layer model which is custom-built for each tier.
  • Alerts are correlated across the layers, so administrators can easily pinpoint which layer is causing a problem.
  • The metrics are auto-baselined, and any deviations from the norm are promptly notified.
  • Executive reports provide high-level overviews of performance.
  • Operations reports provide IT administrators with detailed drilldowns.
  • Historical reports help assess performance before and after migration and production rollouts.
  • Capacity planning and forecasting reports provide actionable data to optimize and right-size the infrastructure.
  • Comparison reports highlight differences in workloads processed by different servers, thereby indicating potential opportunities for load balancing and performance optimization.

Why eG Enterprise? One Monitor to Manage All of IT

eG Enterprise is the only single pane-of-glass, virtualization-aware, auto-diagnostic IT infrastructure performance monitor.

  • Gain actionable answers to performance issues, wherever they originate, from application code to bare metal.
  • Understand the impact of infrastructure issues on application performance and user experience.
  • Unify IT performance monitoring, alerting, diagnosing, reporting, and capacity planning in a single console.
  • Ensure a great user experience and dramatically improve IT efficiency.
  • Benefit from flexible deployment options (on-premises and SaaS) and IT monitoring approaches (agentless and agent-based).