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Key Phone System Capabilities

You deserve a powerful call center

Smart and feature rich cloud PBX system

Phone system for a truly global business

Be a global brand from a single location and ensure your customers receive the same personal touch of a local partner.


Local Phone Numbers

Buy local phone numbers across various countries and make it easy for callers to reach you.


Port-In Numbers

Quickly and easily migrate your existing phone numbers to Freshcaller without having to notify customers.


International Phone Numbers

Expand your business footprint from a single location to over 50 countries.


Toll Free Phone Numbers

Provide flexible options for callers so they have the convenience to reach your business any time.


Call Masking

Mask your existing phone number with an alternate number when making or receiving calls.


Vanity Phone Numbers

Get customers and callers to connect better with your brand and create numbers such as 1-800-GREAT-BIZ for targeted programs.

Set up a smooth call handling process

Smart options to enable your team handle customer calls and the queues as swiftly as possible.



Personalize your greetings and have custom voicemail messages for every phone number you own.


Multi-Level IVR

Set up a fully flexible PBX system with capabilities to easily route calls to your agents or teams, along with the ability to include self service options.


Phone System Mobile App

Make or take calls on Freshcaller even when you’re on the go. Available on Android and iOS.


Custom Greetings

Use this opportunity to customize hold, queue, or wait time music to showcase new products, services, or announcements.


Call Blocking

Automatically prevent spam calls and disconnect such callers from certain regions trying to contact your business.


Holiday Calendar

Add a unique list of holidays for every phone number purchased inside your Freshcaller account to plan for incoming calls received during your holidays.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Delight your customers with fast responses by routing calls to the right agents.


Business Hours

Operate your call center based on specific times and days that suit your business. You can always adjust as you scale.


Shared Lines

Share one phone number across multiple users, and answer incoming phone calls from any phone, anywhere.


Holiday Routing

Create and manage special routing plans to handle incoming calls during holidays.


Wait Queues

Freshcaller will automatically let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with your support team.


SIP Connections

Receive your incoming phone calls directly on your SIP devices while still being able to use the Freshcaller dashboard for transfers, notes, etc.


Answer Bot (upcoming)

Empower your business to give your customers an exhilarating experience with instant answers to their concerns even without an agent.


Contact Import

If you have a list of contacts, you can upload them all at once instead of creating each contact separately thus saving your time.

Monitor and manage the communication experience

Every customer is unique and should be handled differently by understanding their business needs. Get access to several functionalities in Freshcaller that allows your business to deliver great customer engagement experience.


Real-Time Dashboard

View call queues, agent availability information, and ongoing calls. You can even monitor or barge into ongoing calls anytime.


Call Barging

When monitoring calls, barge in at any point to speak to the callers and the agents simultaneously.


Automatic Call Recording

Adhere to mandates that require call recording, data storage, and call logs for every customer call - use them later for monitoring and training purposes.


Call Metrics

Manage every call by storing call logs, view call lifetime metrics, and keep a tab of all billing related information for every call made or taken.


Smart Escalations

Plan your call handling capabilities and route all calls using a relevant fallback even in case of unexpected call scenarios.


Call Monitoring

Monitor ongoing calls in real-time to see how quickly your teams are able to assist callers.



Filter based on call details, status, and other metrics. Effectively analyze the overall performance of your call center with real-time data.


Service Level Monitoring

Manage your call center using our real-time service level monitoring capabilities.


Abandoned Metrics

Analyze abandoned calls and understand the reasons for abandonment to build a better phone journey

Features to boost your call center performance

With a wide range of tools, your teams can now easily manage customer calls and collaborate with internal teams in a more organized manner.


Inbound Caller ID

See detailed information about every incoming call based on caller details and previous interactions with your business.


Call Conferencing

Prevent escalations and call transfers by adding agents to your ongoing call and assist the caller better.


Warm Transfer

When transferring a call, provide enough context about the customer issue to the new agent to offer a seamless phone experience.


Desktop Notifications

Automatically get notified when you receive an incoming call even if you are working with another application or have minimized the browser window.


Customer Interaction History

See oldest to the most recent conversations that your agents have had with your customers, to pass a faster resolution.


After Call Work

Utilize the ‘After Call Work’ feature to ensure your agents are meticulous with their customer conversations and stay overwhelmingly productive


Call Notes

Take detailed notes about every call and the caller’s needs. Freshcaller will append this information to your call history. This offers contextual visibility to other agents.


Queue Callback (Virtual Hold)

Give your customers the option to request for a callback, instead of making them wait for an agent or rep to answer their calls.

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