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Corporate Skill Development Training Solutions


Skill Development Training Framework:

Taras empower your employees with the ability to pivot and build practical skills they can apply right away through our AI-powered skill-building platform to keep your tech business agile.

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Corporate Training Features:

  • Our robust skill framework looks at every role in the tech industry and maps them with practical skills. Employees and managers can track proficiency as skills develop.
  • Combine industry best practices with your technology company’s unique proprietary approach to ensure employees at every level are highly-trained in what differentiates your product or service.
  • AI-driven knowledge recommendations provide the ability to grow the skills needed for your current role and the role that comes next.
  • With the tremendous demand for data science and technology specialists, retaining talent is harder than ever. To hold on to your best employees, offer them accelerated career advancement which is as strong of an incentive to stay loyal as compensation.

Popular Use-cases

  • On Demand Learning
  • Personalised Learning
  • Leadership/Manager Training

Taras Corporate Skill Development training offers :

  • Skill-based thinking
  • Multi-dimensional microlearning
  • Live virtual coaching / training
  • Digitally Led Classroom Training
  • Social learning / communication
  • Conversation Learning Bots

Taras Corporate Skill Development training offers :

  • Plot your company’s Skill map - Ongoing employee tracking identifies when your workers have built skills and are ready for career advancement.
  • Powerful personalization engine - Skill-building modules are customized to target your industry, compliance needs, and the employee’s profile.
  • Create engaging content - Leverage templates for videos, blog post, articles, quizzes and more — all of which are fully tractable.
  • Dynamic Daily Quizzes - Activate a helpful quiz engine to generate new quizzes everyday with advance randomization options.
  • Syndicate & reuse video - Increase efficiency and reduce cost by streaming edits of live instructor-led training sessions virtually
  • Broadcast live sessions - Stream training sessions live with 2000+ participants anywhere in the world, watching on any device.
  • End-to-end enhancements - Digital tools for instructor-led training sessions such as: pre-training prep, live material sharing and attendance tracking during and after assessments.
  • Share feedback both ways - Collect learner feedback on the ILT, instructor, or facilities and give each participant individualized feedback on their performance and areas to improve.
  • Bring the power of informal learning to your company by allowing employees to share knowledge, best practices or success stories on social forums.
  • Create teams to learn a topic together and get notified when a team member achieves something new.
  • Use teams to instant message / chat with each other in a secure environment, outside consumer apps.
  • Engage employees in conversational learning where BOTs explain each step of the process via a discussion-style interface to foster a more natural learning environment.
  • BOTs are easy to create with our simple, yet powerful BOT builder (no coding knowledge required). Use the BOT builder to create conversational-style interaction across multiple languages, powered by AI.

Harness insightful analytics across your organization:

  • All levels – Identify gaps at the employee and organizational levels to inform your hiring, training, and advancement.
  • Manager level – Empower managers with visibility into the learning activity, ambition and success of their reportees to make better, more informed decisions and to influence capability building (especially since research shows that managers are the biggest influencer of workplace learning).
  • Skill level – Track completion, knowledge advancement, consumption and career path interest at the skill level.
  • Module level – Identify which content works and which doesn’t so you can build upon what works and cut out what doesn’t.

Enterprise Grade

  • Taras integrates with over a dozen human capital management software systems (and will integrate with yours, too).
  • Conveniently utilize single-sign-on by integrating Taras with your identity management provider.
  • Scale from a few hundred to a few thousand users in just minutes.
  • Be confident in your security through Taras, which continually undergoes penetration tests by several industry-leading security solution providers.