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Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery Module

Keep Systems and Data Always Safe and Available.
Businesses can’t be without their critical data for long.
Yet, a large-scale disaster can readily disrupt systems and make doing business impossible.
Building out your own data center for disaster recovery is costly.

StorageCraft Cloud Services lets you control DRaaS costs by letting you customize disaster recovery services to fit business needs and budget.

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Cloud Disaster Recovery
Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery:

Leveraging the OneXafe, ShadowXafe, or ShadowProtect® backup and recovery solution for local backups is usually enough to recover IT systems from server failure and other common problems.
But a site-wide disaster will destroy those backups and result in major downtime and data loss for a business.
Replicate OneXafe, ShadowXafe, or ShadowProtect backup images to our disaster-recovery cloud, which gives you the tools you need to keep business running no matter what happens.

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Cloud Services Features and Benefits:

Know that data is safe and always available inside our distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant cloud built specifically for disaster recovery.

Customize cloud storage to fit your needs, whether your IT environment is small and straightforward or large and complex. Choose the Service Level based on your needs. Enjoy low costs, control over cloud settings, and predictable monthly pricing.

Centrally manage and monitor all your StorageCraft® Cloud Services™ accounts as well as fail over in a disaster without third-party intervention.

Hit the ground running after a disaster with advanced networking features (available with Cloud Premium) that enable you to run your network in our cloud just as you’d run it onsite.

Use Virtual Machine Policy (available with Cloud Premium) to configure the sequence, order, and timing for each mission-critical system, and to be able to press just one button to test or start site-wide failover processes.

Business Can Survive Anything With the Right Disaster Recovery Cloud:

StorageCraft Cloud Services stores copies of your backups in our cloud, and during a major disaster, you can quickly get critical operations running again.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS):

  • Cloud Services features central management through an online portal and predictable monthly pricing, which makes it simple for managed service providers (MSPs) to offer DRaaS to clients.
  • Businesses in need of disaster recovery services can receive them from an MSP they choose and trust.


  • Customize cloud storage to fit business needs. Enjoy low costs for setup, management, and overhead as well as control over cloud settings.
  • Choose one of three Service Levels that feature pre-configured or customizable retention settings.

Business Continuity:

  • Access cloud data anywhere, anytime using our purpose-built disaster recovery cloud that features 99.999+ percent uptime.
  • With our premium service level, get the patented ability to pre-stage site-wide failover processes so you can test or execute a failover with the click of a single button.