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Enterprise Privileged Password Manager

Securden Privileged Account Manager

Start managing privileged passwords of cloud and on-prem IT infrastructure instantly. Install in minutes on your premises or host on cloud instances. Stay secure, turn chaos into order with a simple interface and superior usability.

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Discover and Consolidate Accounts

Discover privileged accounts on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, devices, databases and applications.

Manage Shared Admin Passwords

Share admin and firecall accounts with complete control and auditing. Link access, actions to individuals.

Protect SSH Keys

Securely store SSH keys, track usage, associate them with UNIX devices for authentication and remote access.

Windows Accounts Management

Manage Windows domain, service, and local accounts. Manage the dependencies of service accounts.

Manage Application Passwords

Eliminate hard-coded passwords embedded in configuration files, scripts, and code through APIs.

Randomize Passwords Automatically

Automatically randomize passwords of administrative, service and application accounts periodically.

Secure Remote Access

Launch secure, remote sessions in a single-click without copying and pasting the login credentials.

Access without Revealing Passwords

Grant remote access to devices and applications without showing the passwords to users, third-parties.

Privileged Session Recording

Record the entire remote privileged sessions. Playback as videos. Continuously monitor activities.

Active Directory Integration

Integrate with Active Directory for user authentication, onboarding and automatic offboarding.

Approval Workflows

Enforce password request-release approvals for IT staff. Automate reset after time-limited access.

Audit and Compliance Reporting

Track which individual IT staff has access to which account. Monitor and report privileged access activity.

Regulate Privileged Access, Enhance Security Posture, Ensure Compliance:

Over 80% of security breaches involve stolen credentials and exploitation of privileged access. Securden PAM strengthens privileged access security and secures your infrastructure from internal and external threats.

Protect privileged accounts, mitigate security risks:

  • Store, manage and control access to all privileged accounts, including passwords, keys, certificates, and documents from a central database. Prevent identity thefts and unauthorized access to credentials.

Turn chaos into order, improve operational efficiency:

  • In the absence of centralized management, privileged accounts are left uncontrolled and unmonitored resulting in chaos. Consolidate accounts, establish access controls, enforce policies, eliminate system lockouts, and improve the efficiency of IT teams.

Enforce Policies and Controls, Ensure Compliance:

  • Industry and government regulations mandate controlling and continuously monitoring privileged access. Ensure and demonstrate compliance to various regulations by enforcing policy-based controls, audit trails and reports.