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Email Marketing

Nurture, and grow with your audience using powerful email marketing.


Email Campaigns

Create beautiful emails from scratch, or choose from a multitude of design templates. Schedule personalized, highly targeted and responsive emails that delight your audience.


Customer Segmentation

Create smart segments for your audience, for better automation and delivering tailor-made email campaigns. Segment your audience based on behavior, location, buyer journey stage, etc.


Contact Management

Organize all your contacts in one place. Create lists and segments for individual campaigns, manage timelines for contacts, and keep track of your customers’ journey.


Email Analytics

Stay on top of your campaigns with extensive reports to improve your engagement rates. Get deeper insights into different segments, locations, time zones, and more.

Marketing Automation

Build and scale your marketing efforts with Freshmarketer’s robust automation capabilities.


Customer Journey

Trigger emails at the right time to engage with your audience. Create automated customer journeys that help you convert faster, increase sales, and retain more customers.


Form Tracking

Capture and increase leads from your website with Freshmarketer’s advanced form tracking. Easily build targeted journeys to nurture and convert your leads into paying customers.


Website Tracking

Track your audience’s engagement with your website and emails. Nurture them by building automated journeys and running personalized email campaigns based on their interests.


Offline Event Tracking

Import leads from offline lead gen activities like tradeshows, to engage and convert them. Track their performance and measure ROI on your offline marketing spends.

Conversion Optimization

Follow Freshmarketer’s structured approach to optimizing your website and increasing conversions.



Understand your website visitors’ behavior with Heatmaps and Session Replays. Use Funnel Analytics to understand their journey on your site and improve conversions.



With Personalization, set up and run personalized experiments for your audience based on their profile and behavior. Display different landing pages, copy, coupons/discounts without involving your tech team.



Experiment, and create a better website experience for your audience with A/B Testing and Split Testing. With Form Analytics, optimize your forms to maximize conversions.



Keep your audience engaged and prevent them from exiting your site by triggering messages at the right time, with ‘Polls and Feedback’ feature. Run NPS surveys to gauge your customers' satisfaction.


Do more with Freshmarketer using its different integrations with your favorite tools.


CRM Integration

Track your audience journey, from leads to becoming customers using Freshmarketer’s real-time sync with Freshsales CRM. Gain deeper visibility into the performance of your marketing and sales campaigns.


CRO Integrations

Leverage Freshmarketer's CRO module to do more by integrating your analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics or CMS tools like Joomla, Wordpress to skyrocket your site conversions.

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