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MQTT Broker

Highly Extendable Python MQTT Broker to build & manage Industry 4.0 with python hooks available for Storage, Powerful visualization, AI & ML Integration.

Reliable MQTT Support

Built as per 3.1 & 3.11 specification. Bevywise MQTT Broker / MQTTRoute implements all levels of MQTT QoS such as QoS 0, QoS 1, QoS 2, WILL, Last Retain, Wild card subscription. MQTT supports reliable secured data transfer through MQTT Authentication & Encryption over TLS / SSL certificate.


Privilege to deploy anywhere

Deploy MQTT Broker securely on any private cloud servers like Amazon EC2, Azure, GCP, Rackspace, Digitalocean or any private network behind your enterprise firewall for your data security. You can run MQTT broker as a docker or can be controlled via kubernetes. Dockerized version can be run on Windows & Linux.

Easily extendable Python MQTT Broker

Easily extendable Python MQTT Broker

Built on C & Python to provide the best of both worlds. C is the core engine that increases the throughput, while python helps in easy customization of the MQTT Broker. All extendable modules connecting to any big data engine, user interface customization, data preparation can be done with Python.

Dynamic Data Visualization

UI data presentation is the key to application output. Extend the User Interface module with python hooks to customize UI with dynamic data, and your own widgets & charts. Integrate your data queries & widgets to suit your Industrial need. Add live charts & Graphs using the data received over web socket on your dashboard.

Flexible Integration with Databases

IoT data needs to be integrated with any big data engine for perfect analysis & decision-making. Hack the custom store module to allow flexible integration of your data into any analytics or big data engine such as MySQL, Elastic search, MongoDB, Redis or any application.

Embed AI & ML Algorithms into MQTT Broker

Data preparation is the key to overall decision-making. Integrate your ML Algorithm into the Python built MQTT Broker and get your data ready for decisions. Direct the incoming real time events and map it your ML engine using scheduler module to create custom alerts & notifications.

Build IOT / IIoT Application in a day

The new IoT application framework will help you build & manage Industrial IoT applications faster & much easier. Embed your AI & ML algorithms and build your IoT application in a day with highly extendable Python built MQTT Broker. MQTTRoute has more application oriented custom options such as user interface customization, Custom storage configuration & data preparation.