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Password Management for IT Teams

Password Vault For Enterprises:

Designed for security and crafted for IT teams, Securden's on-premises, self-hosted Password Manager lets you centrally store, organize, share, and keep track of all passwords.

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Centrally Store

Securely store all logins, passwords, access keys, documents and other sensitive data in the central vault.

Get Organized

Organize passwords, users as folders and groups reflecting organizational hierarchy and assign access rights.

Collaborate and Share With Team

Define ownership for accounts and let owners share passwords with team while retaining control.

Control Access to IT

Establish controls on who can access what passwords. Provision and deprovision access seamlessly.

Integrate With Active Directory

Integrate with Active Directory for user authentication, onboarding and automatic offboarding.

Track Activities With Logs, Reports

Maintain complete trail of password activity across the organization. Generate access, usage reports.

Expiration Alerts

Set maximum age for passwords and send expiration alerts reminding users to change their passwords.

Autofill Credentials

Securden browser extensions autofill credentials on websites and applications. Autosave new credentials to the Vault.

Mobile Access

Access your passwords from mobile devices through Securden native apps.

"Overcome password fatigue. Stay secure and organized."

Collaborate Better and Smarter:

Securden redefines the way your organization handles sensitive passwords and lets you collaborate better and smarter.

Securden locks down passwords, access keys, files, and other sensitive data in a central vault and protects them. The reports and logs provide complete visibility on who has access to what data. It also throws light on password hygiene across the organization and helps administrators bolster internal controls.

When sensitive accounts are shared with many users in the team, it becomes difficult to trace actions to an individual. Through centralized access controls, Securden tracks all access to shared accounts and activities can be directly traced to individuals.

The decentralized way of password management leads to system lockouts, forgotten passwords, password fatigue, and results in frustration for employees. Users may circumvent by using simple passwords or reuse the same password everywhere. Securden removes all these hurdles and seamlessly enforces password hygiene and improves productivity.

"Sensitive data are protected with advanced encryption standard"


Securden handles your passwords and other critical data with extreme security. Sensitive data are encrypted using AES-256, the strongest known, military-grade algorithm.

Each installation is guarded by a unique encryption key. In production instances, the encryption key will be forced to be kept outside the installation. The idea is not to allow the encryption and encrypted data to stay together.

In addition, SSL/TLS has been enforced on all connections / communication, which ensures end-to-end, complete encryption.