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Privilege Management for Windows Server and End Points

Securden Windows Privilege Manager:

Remove local admin rights, elevate applications for standard users bypassing UAC password prompts, whitelist trusted applications, enforce least privilege across the enterprise, and prevent malware propagation.

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Remove Admin Privilege

Remove local admin rights from users on Windows endpoints. Enforce least privilege without impacting operational efficiency.

Local Admin Analysis

Identify and track the list of users and groups that are part of the local admin group on computers in the domain.

Discover Applications

Automatically discover and identify the applications that require elevated privileges across the enterprise.

Control Applications

Whitelist trusted applications and prevent the execution of unapproved applications. Granularly control which applications are allowed to run.

Elevate Applications On-Demand

Create policies to seamlessly elevate applications for standard users whenever required. Elevate applications, not users.

Temporary Admin Rights

Workflow approvals to grant full admin rights purely for a time-limited, temporary usage. Automatically revoke access; audit activity.

Securden combines least privilege security with application control; eliminates excessive rights and seamlessly elevates applications for standard users. Prevents malware attacks and malicious lateral movement.

Malwares require admin privileges to gain foothold on computers and to move laterally across the network. By removing local admin rights on endpoints and elevating applications on-demand, Securden significantly reduces the attack surface.

IT regulations lay stress on access controls, password management best practices, least privilege controls and other basic security measures. Securden helps you comply with regulations such as PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, NIST, ISO, GDPR, NERC-CIP and others.

Securden unified approach to privilege management delivers tighter security, while perfectly striking a balance with operational efficiency. Standard users enjoy the flexibility of on-demand application elevation without the hassles of UAC password prompts.

Elevate administrator privileges to trusted applications for standard users through a fully policy-driven approach. Whitelist applications, create policies and associate them with users and devices for seamless elevation whenever required.

Prevent the execution of unapproved software installation and usage and thereby block malicious software from getting into the organization. Ensure that all your users have just enough, least privileged access to your IT infrastructure.

Enforce policies without impacting end-user productivity. Reduce the workload of IT in managing privileges.