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Scale-Out Storage


Traditional Storage is Unsustainable:

In the next few years data volume is expected to grow upto 1,000 percent more than what it is today, and your legacy storage solution will let you down when its reaches its architecture limits.

You need a scale-out storage approach to keep up with this rapid growth to avoid expensive forklift upgrades and sprawling storage islands. Enter OneXafe: your storage reimagined.

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Future-Proof Storage Solution:

Don’t wait for your data storage architecture to take you down or price you out. Prepare your business for the future by proactively moving to object-based, scale-out storage.

OneXafe offers the features that efficiency-minded IT professionals seek.

OneXafe instantly grows your global storage pool.
Nodes and drives are added to your cluster in minutes with zero configuration.

Manage your storage from wherever you are.
OneSystem eliminates unnecessary configuration with its enterprise-grade data management features.

Inline deduplication, compression, continuous snapshots, and encryption ensure your data is both optimized and safe.

Be ready for system disasters with the ability to restore your data in minutes with flexible replication over wide-area networks and withstand ransomware attacks with continuous snapshots.

Our 2 Flash Storage Models are:

OneXafe High-Performance 5410 Storage Model:

  • Cost-effective storage for your high-performance virtual environments.
  • StorageCraft is reimagining storage with OneXafe 5410, an all-flash, scale-out, object-based storage solution that delivers the simplicity of NFS and SMB and that’s optimized for virtual environments.
  • OneXafe provides scale-out storage for high-performance, unstructured data and backup targets for instant restores in less than a second.
  • OneXafe scale-out high-performance storage can be configured to serve primary virtual server storage, unstructured data, or secondary storage with high-performance needs.

Effective Storage for Your Unstructured Data 4400 Series:-

  • OneXafe’s scale-out architecture enables you to seamlessly add one drive at a time or multiple nodes in a cluster.
  • OneXafe 4400 series delivers scale-out storage for large-scale unstructured data and backup targets.
  • The OneXafe 4412 and 4417 models each combine the advantages of a distributed object-store with the accessibility of SMB and NFS protocols.
  • OneXafe’s unified architecture reduces management complexity and operational costs for storage.
  • It enables enterprise features such as global inline deduplication, compression, continuous data protection, and encryption at rest so organizations no longer have to allocate extraneous storage capacity dedicated solely for data protection.